Friday, February 10, 2012

Cafe crema is a student friendly place which is run by Asians. They specialise in coffee making the best coffees that Asians can.
They support student organisations and the Clumff card (a card which you can buy online for $20 and in here they give you 10% off the total bill).
There wasn't much in terms of service. The service was really basic. The waitress did seem a bit young and inexperienced.

Here they do quite a few European meals and not so much Asian meals. They have a few specials for $10.90, but I wasn't in the mood for their meals, more like their signature coffees which they claim to be good in.
Their coffees were just ok; there was hardly any crema.  It was more of the generic version. It was a long black for $3.20.
But I did love their melting moments and the American brownie (altogether $5.20). They melted in the mouth. The American Brownie was very chocolatey which was nice.
Café Crema on Urbanspoon


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