Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clifton Hill- shopping and breakfast

I went to Clifton Hill on my way to RMIT Bundoora. It is a very friendly area located in zone 1. A few bus routes from Moonee Ponds and city go there as well as the number 86 tram from Bundoora RMIT and city goes there.
All the locals like to go past the very famous Queens parade. This is known for their good coffee shop Cavalleri and fruit shop Mecca Bros. There is also a few other shops too, such as a lovely florist shop and Bakers Delight.
First stop: Mecca Bros.

Here this is a greengroccer recommended by The Age shopping guide. Here they not only sell fruits and vegetables, they also sell dairy foods, breads, organic foods and pantry goods. Most of the grocceries were priced between $3-$12 per kg. I was able to sneak in a few pictures before I was told off.
I got an apple and two mandarins, as I forgot to bring fruits from home.
The lady that served me was just ok. But the guy there was friendly.
Second stop: Cavallini.

Cavallini is not only a cafe, its also a bakery specialising in homemade breads, pastries and other goods. You can buy bread from here. They also sell gelatis.
It was really crowded which was a good sign. Although they look like they don't have a lot of seating there is seating at the back in the courtyard. Dogs are most welcome.
They are really good at doing macaroons as well and they have a special flavour of the week. This week's flavour was chocolate mint. Here this was flavoursome and it was only $2.40. If you buy six of them you only pay $12.
I also bought a mocha with their flavour of the week and a chocolate crossaint with the recommendation from the lady that served me. Altogether it was $9.60 and it was worth every cent. The pastry was baked really nicely and I enjoyed my breakfast.
Although I couldn't see the artwork of the mocha it was good. Not too sweet and not too coffee like. I can taste hints of coffee flavour. But I did spill some on myself on the tram.
Kudos to the friendly lady who recommended the crossaint to me. I will be back maybe with Miss Adriennely to try some of the savoury sandwiches.
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