Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pho 102 Saigon

In the block arcade is a tiny little Vietnamese cafe by the name of Pho 102 Saigon.

Here it is run Vietnamese and its a cute little kitchy cafe in the heart of the city.

It is a self service place. You order and you pay and then they call your number when the food is ready.

There are no bathrooms here . You have to go across the road to David Jones or Australia on Collins.

Here I ordered a spring rolls with vermicelli ($8.90) and an iced coffee ($3.50). The iced coffee had so much ice in it and little coffee in it. I would have liked less ice and more coffee.

The spring rolls and vermicelli looked like there was just only a tiny bit but there was a lot. And it was moreish for the price paid. But I would have loved to see more spring rolls in there though

Hmm if I was to pick one Vietnamese cafe in the city. I'd pick this one as this one is better than the others.
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