Saturday, July 6, 2013

Celebrating Independence day at PATS the Philly Way by Katherine

Independence day is an American holiday. It is widely celebrated at the many American restaurants in Melbourne.

So yesterday Sally and I went to PATS for dinner as we both had to work during the day.  By the time we got there it was 6:15PM. Strangely enough, it was not busy at the time. We had expected live music and partying seeing as it was Independence Day. Unlike TGI Friday(it is a chain, and its very expensive) this is a real Amercian place in Melbourne.

The place is on Bridge road at the side where all the eateries are. It is next to Fritz gelato. The tram stop is about a one minute walk from there

About five other people reviewed the place. It had opened at the beginning of last year.

There was a younger lady that was friendly towards us, having just started. But the older person seemed a bit sullen.

The bathrooms are out the back and behind a door.

They have great WI-FI ( I don't know if its for free as we didn't try this).
Here they have the most authentic cheesesteaks (see cultural notes below) that I have ever tried. Sally and I both ordered cheesesteaks ($14.95 each). There was an Independence day special where you can add the extra Jalapeno poppers (see cultural notes) and drink for a mere $3. We did that and we also shared some cajun fries (about $5 for a large serve).

The cheesesteaks were so cheesy and they were massive. Now if you are allergic to cheese and dairy probably not a good idea to have this (there are other non cheesy options on the menu, even vegetarian). There is just so much meat in there. I thought the bread was a little on the sweet side. Sally thought that it was just ok.

The jalapeno poppers were so good. But they too were cheesy.

We loved the chips a lot. They were nicely flavored. You can choose your seasoning such as spicy, Cajun and there's a few others.

Cultural notes:
Jalapeno poppers- they are a deep fried canape in America. They are popular with Americans. The Jalapenos are stuffed with lots of cheese and herbs. Jalapenos are the green, mild peppers.

Cheesesteak- this is like a hotdog except it has sliced or diced steak or chicken inside the roll. There is melted cheese in there. Some people like to have this with onion. This is very popular in Philadelphia.

We'll be back for more American food I'm sure. That is when we don't feel like expensive crap from TGI. And I hope they get featured in Meld Magazine's discounts for next year.
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