Saturday, December 15, 2012

Petaling street by Katherine

Petaling street is a chain of Malaysian restaurants in Melbourne. Here they have six restaurants in Melbourne some of them which have closed.
When Sally and I have heard that Petaling st is in Chinatown and many good things about the place, we both lurched for the opportunity to visit. Two other guys were supposed to come with us but they both were called into work at the last minute, leaving Sally and I to visit the place.
On the outside the place looked really small, but go up a flight of wooden steps and it's huge. We loved the drink station- it reminded us of a tropical beach. They do alcohol here and you can BYO wine.
The place was busy on a Friday night. We took this as a good sign. There were lots of Asians here.
I had a chance to visit the bathrooms and boy were they disgusting. The floor was really sticky. There was a hair in the sink. Perhaps cutting costs?
The service was a bit haphazard here. I only ordered one iced tea ($3.50 each) and the waitress came out with two. We questioned her and she said we ordered two. We didn't want to cause an argument so we just merely accepted.

I know I don't normally take a picture of the bathroom but this was just terrible.

You can see the faint line which is hair.

We ordered Char Kuey Teow ($9.80), Nasi Goreng ($9.80) and Roti ($10.20).
The iced tea was warmish- not what I'd expected for iced tea. It was really sweet which is what led me to think that they put cordial in there instead of the real thing.
The food wasn't much better except for the Char Kuey Teow. The noodles had a lot of wok hei to it which I loved. I also loved the sausage in this. It was just right.
The Nasi Goreng when it came to the table was more like fried rice. I expected a lot of spiciness to it and it was oily. Too oily for our liking.
Roti- we both loved the flakiness to this- but perhaps they could have done better. I loved the chicken but I would have loved something to wash my hands with afterwards.
I expected that the Roti would be thin and not thick. When it came to the table it was thick as.
The curry wasn't as spicy as I would have hoped. I think they watered it down for the Westerners taste

Anyhow I'd love to see what Big Fil and Yellow eggs thought of the place. Realistically if they don't start improving they might not survive due to an influx of new and better Malaysian places in the city (think Koko yee). I might (on a small chance) return for their Cendol which I saw looked really good. That and their char kuey teow
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