Saturday, December 1, 2012

Druids by Katherine

Druids is a cafe in the city right outside of RMIT. I haven't had the slightest chance of going in there as it always seems way too quiet. I wonder why?
And I wonder why there is all the bad reviews on Urbanspoon?

So when my friend suggested that we go there I didn't say no.

And we went on this rainy day in Melbourne just for coffee and a muffin. I don't know the price off the top of my head because my friend paid for it but my guess was that it was under $10.

The service at the front counter seemed a little non chalant but the guy out the back seemed to be alright. He happily accomodated the International student right behind us which led me to think that they only just look after the International students and only cater for them.

We ordered a chocolate muffin, a long black and a cappucino. My friend seemed to like her cappucino, but I found my long black to be burnt and bitter. Way too bitter for my liking. We shared a muffin which my friend loved as it melts in the mouth, but I found it to be a tad dry for my liking.

I'm not sure whether I'd return. I wouldn't really return unless I'd have to sorry
Druids Cafe Bar on Urbanspoon


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