Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Bob by Katherine

Two Bob is a relatively new cafe in Clifton hill near Queens parade. It is in an old building. Here it is a big and airy cafe and has had a few positive reviews.
They are kid friendly as well as pram friendly. I loved the big communual tables and the lovely table decorations. They do get busy over the weekend as any other cafe in Clifton Hill and Melbourne/
The staff there are really friendly and they didn't mind me taking photos and asking about their menu. Nor did they mind all the questions about the menu.

Most of the things on the specials board are vegetarian which is great. And they also have organic drinks and wine. Yay Another wine place.
The bathrooms are down the back and they are small. But at least they are not outside.
What really intrigued me was the hotcake special ($14.50). I was told it was a summer special and that their specials change once in a while. Although it looked really small it tasted great and freshly made. I really loved this.
I loved the fresh strawberries and the subtle hints of meringue. Lovely.
They are also known for their good coffee and this did not disappoint. This long black ($3.5) was done by Coffee Supreme and it was great. I love coffees by Coffee Supreme.
I think I'd back to try out their cakes and vegan burger. I'd love for Big Fil to try out this cafe.
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