Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cafe Giraffe by Katherine

Cafe Giraffe is so close to my workplace in the city yet I had not checked it out until about now. About 11 or more reviewers have been here and said that it was really good for students.

The cafe is run by Asians but it was quite cute and kitchy and good for families. It's not always likely that a cafe has board games and is in the city. Also a really quirky touch is the wishing tree where complements are written.

The Asians are students who don't speak a lot of good English.

Good WI-FI though.

They have a huge selection of desserts and meals for under $10.50

The food here is lovely. Although it is cheap its is good. My noodles were $7.50 (normally $10 but they had a $7.50 Special for all food). If you order food like I did, the coffee is just $2 extra (normally $3).

The noodles here were fresh and the gyoza was the best that I have ever had. It was crispy and crunchy the way it should be.

My long black was just meh, but my friend enjoyed his coffee. He also loved the look of my food and loved my gyoza (He tried a piece).

Its a lovely place to visit and enjoy a good book and a cup of tea. Now I can see why so many people rave about the place.
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