Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mixed Business by Katherine

One word for the place: yum
Loved the decor, it was really homely.
Came here on my way to Bundoora campus.
It is rated as one of the really good cafes in Melbourne. Here it was buslting with people and dogs, some of which are regulars.

I loved the country feeling and the lemon tree outside. They are both lovely. Now I want to pick some lemons
I loved the look of the big breakfasts so I decided to go for one of those ($16) and a long black ($3.60 when I thought it was $2.90). Well I went to pay I discovered that it was $3.60. Well they should have told me.
I loved the bread it was yummy and the eggs were perfectly cooked. The eggs were perfectly salted not too much and too little. I also loved the fresh vegetables such as avocado. It is avocado season after all.
The chutney was homemade and really sweet.
The espresso was just alright. The cakes made me go wow though.
I'd love to try out the cakes and the tea on my next visit with Sally though. The only problem is that it is cash only when the breakfast prices are so expensive. That and the sullen short haired lady who didn't smile. The pig tailed lady smiled though and she happily put me on another table when I requested it due to fact that I was very squashed where I was.
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