Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nandos at Melbourne Central

RNIS got a free voucher to try their Peri Peri chips but paid for the spicy rice.

Nandos is in Melbourne Central on the same level as the cinema. I have never tried this Nandos before eventhough I have seen it. That's weird because I try almost everything that I see. Maybe its either because Nandos is full of meaty things or because its expensive. Or I have never had the chance until now when I went on that treasure hunt and picked up a free chip voucher.


You go up and order and you pay. If you are eating in they will give you a number. But be prepared to wait if they are busy like they were on Friday night. But I did not have to wait long for my food. The service was friendly and they were attentive.

Their peri peri chips are pretty good. And they are not too spicy which is great. I tried a couple of sauces such as the three bell pepper one and the mildly spicy one. I liked them both and the three bell pepper one worked better on the rice than on the chips. The peri peri one worked better.

The wild rice was al dente and it was very spicy so mild lovers may not like this.

Rating: 15/20- great. Do come by and try this place out before a movie. Or after one.


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