Saturday, July 6, 2013

Big Mama

Big Mama is a well respected Korean place which has been around for a few years. It has been popular with many local and International students. It is a cheap eat after all with their big meals.

I study nearby at RMIT and have passed the place a few times but have never been in. Here this place was pretty at lunchtime with all the Asian students so that was a good sign. Another good sign too was that the wait staff were very friendly.  They must have been paid a lot of money.

It is a cash only place.

I loved all the decor on the walls. It reminds me of home. I think that is what they wanted to do.

The food was homely. I had the vegetable tempura with rice, miso soup and salad ($11.50) as well as the Agedashi tofu ($7.50- by the way I read some really great reviews about it).

I love getting the free condiments. What a nice way to start the meal. I loved the seaweed and the sweet potato. Not too sure about the pork one though. I think it needed a little bit more spice.

The tempura was cooked really nicely which I loved. It wasn't too heavy or too oily. But there was too much rice and I couldn't finish it all.

But I loved the sauce on the Agedashi tofu and in fact this was the best tofu I have ever had. I loved the moving bonito flakes which danced right in front of my eyes.

I would love to try the yummy bentos and hot pots next time I come. And I would love to bring Meld Magazine next time.
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