Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tutti frutti in Target Centre by Katherine

As part of our Health and Human development series

Tutti Frutti is a chain store selling Frozen yoghurt and they have opened their latest store in Target centre in the city.

After going to Easy Way the other day,  I saw the brand new store and wanted to try. And so I did.

I loved the booth. It was a nice place to sit and relax and chat with friends without having to share with the rest of the food court and be sucked into temptation.

Like the other stores, you just serve yourself. And you choose all the toppings. I prefer the fruit ones over the chocolate ones anyway. I just don't like to be tempted by too much chocolate. And too much chocolate is bad for you.

My fruit salad and yoghurt came up to be $8.30. Its not a bad price, given that the fruits were good. I loved the popping baubles and coconut jelly. Am not too sure on the watermelon since it was a little bit sour.

The service was a bit disorganized. The cashier looked tired to begin with and she forgot my change. She was the only one working there. And she gave me the wrong receipt.

But I give her points for smiling and saying "Have a nice day" at the end.
Out of all the Tutti Fruttis we went to to this one has to be the best in terms of cleanliness, service, atmosphere and food. When I want frozen yoghurt this one is the go to place. Tutti Frutti on Urbanspoon


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