Saturday, April 6, 2013

Laksa Bar

Laksa bar is so close to RMIT. In fact it is half a block away.
Some time ago I got a voucher for a free drink with my meal. It was given out at this years Orientation.
I had really wanted to go there for some time.

It was packed by the time I got which was 12.30pm. But there was still a space left at the big communal table and I rushed to get this spot soon after I ordered my meal of laksa mi goreng. When I saw this on the menu it tickled me fancy.

There wasn't a whole lot of service, you have to order and pay at the counter. You also had to get your own cutlery from the rack. BTW: I wonder where the bibs came from. I saw none there at the place where the cutlery is. Some of the people that ordered laksa didn't get the bib.

It wasn't long after I found my table that my meal arrived. Hence I thought that it was prepared earlier and then microwaved. There wasn't a whole lot of vegetables on the plate, but a whole lot of egg and noodles and seriously cold tofu.

Although I loved the sauce there was just a little bit too much of it. Same with the noodles. The noodles were cooked properly.

I struggled to finish my meal.

My tea which was the Sharon rose lemon tea came in a flask which they use in the science lab. Fascinating I thought.
But the tea itself was a little too sweet and all the lemons were right down the bottom.

I was a little bit disappointed at my meal. The other 11 (there was 12 in total, but Yellow Eggs was the only one that didn't like the place) had loved the place.
I might just be back for the bowl of laksa and the bibs. The people next to me had laksa and it looked and smelt good.
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