Saturday, April 6, 2013

Melbourne Public Visits 1 and 2

Melbourne Public has been blogged about by three others. It just opened last year when the rest of the promenade was opened. Since the promenade opened there has been a few mixed results. Sometimes it wasn't that busy.
The place in itself wasn't that hard to find, follow the signs and you'll be right. You can even walk there from Southern Cross.
And yes I was invited to one of their parties. But to be fair I decided to do two visits. The first one being the AFL party
1) The AFL Party

It was on the 28th of March at 5pm. A lot of people turned up for the good times. At that time all the trains were running really really late.
The DJ there was good.
All the food was free but the drinks cost me $3.50.
There were sausage rolls, mini burgers and wedges. I loved loved loved the wedges (normally $10 for a bowl). They were well seasoned and not too overcooked. I would have loved to see some more chill sauce in it.
I didn't get to try the sausage rolls but they sure looked nice.
I got to try the mini burgers and although they had lovely seasoning and the pattie was cooked perfectly,  the  bun was a let down. It was dry and I didn't enjoy eating this. I wouldn't want to pay $15 just for that.

2) Friday at the Melbourne Public with $1 oysters (from 4pm-7pm Friday nights)
This time around I had the oysters and my lemonade. Altogether it was $5.50
I had the kilpatrick oyster (the one with Worcestershire sauce and bacon) and a tempura one. Like the first time a lot of people came for the drinks, the footy and to relax after visiting the Home Improvement show.

The kilpatrick one had too much sauce and bacon on it, hence it drowned out the natural flavour of the oyster. The tempura one fared better. I loved the pickled fennel. And this one was cooked to perfection.

I don't think that I'd order the kilpatrick again- I'd be happy to try the natural one next time as it sounds so good.

I'd love to come back and see what else is on offer and maybe try out the huge bowl of wedges. And students Friday late afternoon is the best day to come as they offer $1 oysters (yes this is per oyster).
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