Saturday, November 17, 2012

Silo by Joost

Silo by Joost is a cool new vegan place in Hardware st, next the Bao place.
They have a really limited menu and the place is sustainable.
their dishes are rather cute and everything here is recyled. Instead of bowls they use jars. And instead of small tables they use one big table made out of wood.
All the food is organic and made by loving hands. Hence it is a little more expensive.
They only do salads and sandwiches for lunch so the two of us choose a beetroot salad and a quinoa salad($12). Quinoa is like rice except smaller and more grainy.

But I quite enjoyed this salad it was really light with just enough dressing. My friend also enjoyed theirs.
We also had some drinks. Mine was a homemade lemonade ($4) and hers was a juice ($6). The juices change daily.
Our drinks were both lovely.
After lunch they had a chance to show us the composter which is huge! It's out the back and it can compost a 100kgs of food scraps and paper overnight. Its only $32000 but you'd get lots of benefits such as saving the environment and maybe an income if you decide to sell the soil. hoepfully RMIT would be able to look into this practice in the near future.
I would love for Here's the veg to visit the place and see what they think.
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