Saturday, November 3, 2012

Melbourne Vietnam Noodle house by Katherine

I love Vietnamese food and noodles.
It was a rather cold, wet and windy day (oh yes we have many of these in Melbourne) and I craved for some soup and a new place to try them out.
So Melbourne Vietnam Noodle house came to mind.
I have walked past this place and seen many people inside. Also 10 other bloggers have blogged about this place so I won't go into much detail about it.
But what I will say is that the service was bad... but the food was alright. Sigh.
My servers doesn't speak good English. I asked them for water and pickled onions but they didn't understand me. Also my pho took a long time to come out where as others were served more quickly than I was. I had to ask water twice and they FORGOT. BAD.

Also I was seated with randoms as this was quite crowded and it was really busy. The first random I sat with was enjoying his fried rice, but didn't really enjoy his strawberry drink. He said it was sickly sweet and I agree. I tried his drink when he went to pay the bill (just a small sip with a clean spoon).

The ladies that I was sitting next to, their meals looked good on a first glance, but then the rice looked really hard and dry. One of them didn't finish their meals. The second random that came had ordered pho just like I did, except they forgot the bean shoots and the mint. He didn't seem to mind but I certainly did. I offered him the leftover mint and bean shoots.

The broth in my pho ($8.50 for a small) was sickly sweet and tasted awful. The beef was a little undercooked. But at least the noodles was nice. Perhaps they used too much MSG?
I would love to know what Big Fil thought of the place. But I for one might return only just for the rice paper rolls which looked decent and great. Sorry guys I really wanted to like you but just couldn't.
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