Saturday, October 20, 2012

WE cafe

I know you probably think that I'm yelling, but that's just the name of the cafe that I went to.
It is just outside of ther SAB building in the city.Hence this place is popular with the RMIT students from across the road.
The cafe is quite small and very homely. Because it is such as small place there is no bathroom. So I had to go across the road. The bathroom outside of wonderbao was locked. Inside SAB the bathroom was really hard to find. Everything is a maze in there. Of course there isn't a lot of signage.

I had the the tofu bento which is the only vegetarian one for $8.50.  Drinks can be added for an extra $2. So I had a sweet iced green tea. It was served in a paper cup, why for eat in?
The bento was quite small. Looking around at the other tables it was fair to say that I expected a bigger meal.
Nevertheless the tofu was smooth and the spring rolls were good. Not too much Msg which I like. The rice is only so so but the veggies were fresh. If only they included more noms.
I might just be back to try out some of the other meals, maybe with Big Fil.
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