Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reverence by Katherine

I went to Reverence this morning after doing my errands.
Reverance is a speciality coffee and tea place and they are open during the day. Here they sell their coffee beans and Charmella teas.
They are kid friendly and they have many blends of coffee. They are also featured in this years "Age Good Cafe Guide".
They are dog friendly and there is outdoor seating where the owner can sit with their dogs.Here I got to pat some of the lovely dogs outside the cafe.

They don't have much in terms of food but they do some really good coffee. It was here that I had a pourover $5. It was the suiza blend which is fruity but also tastes a bit flowery. It tastes like cherry, nectarine and peach. It is also a little bit smokey- just pure magic
I also had the ricotta hotcakes which were great for $14. They took a while to do but the goodness made up for it. The oranges were freshly done and there wasn't a whole lot of cream on this which is great because I hate too much cream. Too much cream takes away the texture of the pancakes. I love the fluffiness of the cakes. They weren't overly sweet which I like. The sweetness is from the poppy seeds and the raw sugar. Three pancakes is a lot for one person but they were yum and I was starving.
Next time I'd love to come back with Sally and the gang from Gyspy Ju as they would love the place.
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