Saturday, September 15, 2012

Menya by Katherine

Menya is another place run by the people that run O-bento in the city.
I saw that it looked small on the outside but inside it looked like Japanese eat street with all the groceries and salad being sold which is what led me to think that this place is much better than Melbourne central. I loved this novelty.

For a Japanese place the music was a little too loud. I couldn't concentrate.

This place is run by Chinese. Around me I heard many words in Chinese being spoken. And before they said  "NO PHOTO" I was happily snapping everything in sight. There was no "no photo" sign hanging. Even a sorry would be better.

What's with the guy watching me eat like a hawk? It looked like he wanted me out of there.

Like the other store, you order and pay at the counter. And its "cash only". WTF??? I wanted to pay by card godammit!!!!

The agedasshi tofu ($3.90) was not too bad and this time I did actually like the ginger. And there wasn't too much sauce to this.

The tea ($1.60 for green) was actually really good. I had a couple of refills of this and this was not too bad.

The two things that were a letdown for me was the Yasai tempura ($3.90) and the Mango Pudding ($3.90). Its really strange that the mango pudding came first and had no mango pieces in there like the picture said. And also no actual bowl. Why advertise it like that if it does not have?

The yasai was bland, overcooked and too oily for my liking. I struggled to finish mine. Although it was big. There wasn't much vegetables in there.

Never ever again will I ever return as there are so many other Japanese places in the city. Not even with Sally.

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