Saturday, September 1, 2012


Luncheonette is a little cute, kitchy place by the train station really close to the gates. I pass by it most mornings but have never been in until today.

Today was rather quiet coz everyone was already at work. But the noise of the boom gates and the trains was enough to startle me a little.
They do take aways as well as eat ins. And on weekends they get extremely busy.

But the food and the service made up for this. For this I ordered banana waffles ($12 for a small plate) and a long black ($3.50). The beans are by Coffee supreme; that might mean an extra strong for me.

I loved how clean and homely the bathrooms were. Most cafes I know don't put flowers in their bathrooms. But this one did

The waffles and bananas and nuts were organic which is good. I love all things that are organic. Organic is good for you. These were made fresh on the premises in their small kitchen which you can see. It is small but very homely.

Oh and they also do sandwiches and other baked goods. They looked really nice. Next time when I visit I'll have to try. And also try not to visit during peak hour in the morning when it becomes really noisy outside.
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