Saturday, September 1, 2012

Helados en Jujaja

This is an Argentinean ice cream place located on Lygon st just opposite the Carlton Gardens.
It was hard to find at first, but now I've found it.

They are only opened in the afternoon and at night... not in the morning. And it is here where you can get fresh ice cream at a premium price. expect to pay $7.50 for two big scoops done in Argentinean style.

They just started back in October 2011 and have been steady ever since. It is here where a Malaysian student as noted by Meld shared her passion for ice cream with the rest of Melbourne.

Today I had the ever so popular salted peanut/caramel du leche ice cream and a vanilla one for $7.50. It was the best ones I have ever tried during my time in Aus.

I also sampled the wonderful Argentine tea speciality ($3.70) per pot and enjoyed it. It was a wild yak tibetian tea.

I think that during the summer when it is really hot I might just come and enjoy heaps of ice cream in the lovely shade. Its a great thing that today was really sunny when I went.
Helados Jauja on Urbanspoon


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