Saturday, September 1, 2012


This place is in Chinatown and run by the Chinese. It is a Japanese restaurant serving bentohs for $9-$10.
It is small, dark and dingy. I don't have any problems with the place being run by Chinese provided that they can serve good japanese food. I didn't smell the toilet smells as we were seated far away.
But sadly not except for the really good tempura and sashimi and dessert.
I had the tempura bentoh and agedashi tofu ($8 for a tiny plate). My good friend had the sashimi bentoh and he loved it. He loved the sauce.

The agedashi tofu was the worst that I tried. It had no flavouring to it. It was bland and awful
My tempura was great but the rice was not. The rice was gluggy and microwaved and the tempura sauce did not have any raddish to this. Instead it was sweet.
The pork looked overcooked and so was the gyoza. It was overcooked dry and bland.
The vegetable salad was overdressed for my liking but I loved the freshness of this.
I'm in two minds about the dessert. It was really hard to eat it with chopsticks but it was quite nice. It was jelly.
The green tea that came with it was good though.
All in all seeing as there is always new Japanese places I do not want to come back here again.
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