Saturday, September 1, 2012

7 apples

7 Apples is a place that has been talked about for some time. It is one of the best gelato places in Melbourne. It is featured in many Asian Magazines. They won a few awards
It is near the St Kilda beach. Here you can take the number 96 tram and hope off at stop 139 and there it is.
There is no seating area.

Gelato is Italian ice cream which is low in fat and sugar. It is found all over Melbourne.
I signed up online for their free membership and scored a free ice cream. Yay!
So I had my favourite strawberry and lemon gelato in a cup. And boy were they nice. I loved the little flake in the ice cream. Heavenly.

I'd like to see what Meld thought of the ice cream at 7 apples. I shall be back during the summer to try their other five flavours.
7 Apples Gelato on Urbanspoon


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