Monday, April 30, 2012

Egg Sake Bistro

Egg Sake Bistro is a little underground Japanese place that does beers and Japanese food. Its in Melbourne Uni. They also sell grocceries. They have pickled ginger for $1 and big boxes of curry for $10.
They have a wide selection of beers, wines and other japanese drinks. They have happy hour where all the drinks are priced from $4-$6 from 3pm-5pm each day that they are open. Here I had a green tea for a $1. It was nice.
All their meals are under $10. Most of them are priced between $6 and $7. They have a wide range of vegetarian and meat meals. You can make your bento. They do have a special of 2 sushi rolls for $4.50. I had these and they were very filling. I had the tofu one and I think the other one was chicken. The rice was nice and moist, not like some of the other sushi I've had. I loved the tofu one the best as this was fresh.
There's virtually not much service but the prices and the food here is good. There is a drinks counter and a food counter. Good for those days when you only have loose change.
It would be good to have drinks with friends here. It is trendy to uni students both from Melbourne Uni and RMIT.

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