Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Dumpling Table

The dumpling table is a place in South Yarra. Here it is a cheap dumpling place catering to students and families in the area. It is a few blocks down from the South Yarra train station.

This is a cash only place.

They sell wines and alcohol as well as the Asian drinks. Although this is mainly a dumpling place, they also sell some rice and noodle dishes. But they don't have dessert.

I was served by a very friendly waitress who took away my dishes when I just finished eating. But at least she asked.

It was a bit quiet at first when I arrived at 6:40pm. But by the time I left it was quite busy.

The bathrooms are at the back and are a disgrace.

But the food made up for it.

Here I had the steamed vegetarian dumplings ($8.80) and the spring onion pancake ($4.50).

The dumplings were just perfect. They filled me up.

But the spring onion pancake was a bit doughy as well as salty. I couldn't taste the spring onions in there.

Hmm I don't know whether I'd come back as it is a bit far for me, but this is a great place for Swinburne students to have their lunch or dinner.
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