Sunday, October 6, 2013

Warra Warra

This is a relatively new Korean cafe in the heart of the city. In fact it is in the old RMIT building in the arcade.

Here this is right next door to the Chatterbox cafe. You go out the doors and you turn right and you'll it.

The place was packed at lunchtime with workers, not so much with students. The place is small. You order and pay at the counter.

Like Mr Nice Guy there is no free tea. Instead you can buy tea for $3- $4, but there is plenty of free water. Like Miss Chu there is the option of ordering on paper. They are the only place that serves alcohol in this entire building.

They are open for lunch and for dinner. For lunch there is the option of the food bar for take away lunches. But most people ate in. Everybody loved their meals.

I had a small bowl of bimbab for $12.50. It was small but moreish. I could have ordered other stuff but I wasn't that hungry. There are lunch sets for $9.50 where you can choose your meal, salad, entrees and it comes with rice.

The bimbab was just as nice as the meal that I got at Mr Nice guy. But it was a bit bland without the sauce which I had to add. But the tofu was done nicely and it was nice and smooth.

Oh well we'll see how it all pans out in the next few months. Hopefully they can survive just as well as Momo Station. They might just have a Groupon around the corner to get more customers in. But I know that I would be back just to try their dinner.
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