Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spanish Doughnuts

 As part of our "At home and Aborad" series
You may remember the other Spanish Doughnuts in the city that I went to. This one is Flinders st station and its just a kiosk; not so much a shop.

The guy at this one was surly and everything came within five minutes. This is great if you are rushing for the train, but not so great if you want to sit down.

Because this is in the station there aren't many seats.

My order of coffee and doughnut came to $5.70. The guy didn't even mention that I needed another $0.70 until I asked him.

A Churro is a thin Spanish Doughnut. Usually sweet, but sometimes they can be savoury. Like their new savoury waffles, which I didn't get to try because I wanted sweet stuff. I decided to try their new pineapple one.

The pineapple one was sickly sweet, dry and a little gross. It had been on the shelf for a while.

The coffee (short black) was just ok.

Not sure that I'd come back in the near future. I think I prefer the Elizabeth st store any day. Sorry guys.

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