Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sushi class at Sake

Today I went to a free Sushi master class at Sake. This sushi masterclass is part of ING bank's Spend Your Lunch Well promotion.

About six people came to the class.

Here we learned a lot about sushi making and about the rice that we should use which is short grain. I had heaps of fun making the cone and inside out sushi.

Inside out sushi is quite difficult as you have to roll it a few times.

Here the rice needs to be warm but not too warm. With sushi you can put anything you want in there.

The fish was fresh and the spicy fish was even better. The spicy fish one has soy sauce, chilli etc.

The salmon, the tuna and the caviar can be bought at the market. There you'll find it at its freshest. Also the cucumber was really fresh.

We got to keep our aprons and the recipe card

We also got to eat our sushi too. I got to admit I wasn't great at making the cone but I was better at making the inside out roll.

After the class I went downstairs for more sushi at the bar. I had the tamago ($5) one and the smelt roe (which is actually fish roe- $7) . I liked the roe one. I also loved the tamago. It was sweet and fluffy.

The service there was really attentive and friendly with a smile.

On the 1st of August there is a wine dinner for $149. They have 6-7 courses with matching sake and masterclass. To find out more and to book visit this site
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