Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maxims cakes and pastries

This place is in Chinatown, Melbourne and is popular with the locals and foodies.
Don't come here expecting service because there is hardly any, except for ordering cakes and tarts. It is a serve yourself type place where you picky up a pair of tongs and a tray and you select your food and then you go up to pay for it.
They sell a variety of Asian drinks as well as Asian desserts, unlike Breadtop which does not sell a lot of these things. Breadtop sells Westernized drinks and some Western buns as well as Asian ones.
Don't let the name fool you; they also do savory items and I tried one. This is what I had for $6.10 altogether; one sweet chilli sausage roll, a swiss roll and one of their famous custard tarts.
The sweet chilli sausage roll had too much chilli sauce in it and not enough sausage. The sauce overpowered the sausage. But it was filling though.
I loved the cake. It was much better than the one at Breadtop. This actually didn't have a whole lot of cream to it, although it was a little dry.
The custard, although I love it everytime I go there, it is really crumbly and it is hard not to make a mess of it.

 Some samples of almond cookies which I sampled. They were really crumbly.

This is really good for a lunchtime feed. If only some other bloggers would go, they would actually enjoy the place. This place doesn't do vegetarian buns, but they sure do good cakes and buns.
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