Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Home Barista Institute-is the coffee homemade

Today I passed the Home Barista Institute on the way to work. I was on the tram when I saw that they were open and their big sign saying espresso bar. It looked closed, but it wasn't. They are only open between 7am-2pm Monday-Saturday. They are also a coffee school offering short 4 hour barista courses which is $150 per person (this is essential if you want to work in a European/Australian cafe and restaraunts). You can also purchase machines  whilst you are there (if you purchase it within 6 months of completing the course then you get $150 off the coffee machine). Upon seeing the sign that said "The coffee guide in Melbourne" I was really interested in trying it.
Home Barista on Urbanspoon

They sell coffee beans and books. Here you can smell some samples of coffee beans before buying.
Other signs said that they were the best of 100 coffee places reviewed in Melbourne. This place does organic fairtrade coffee and food. I think that the students serve the coffees just to practice. I think the server is a student. I love places that give students the chance to practice what they have learnt and this is one of them. It means cheaper coffee and other services (in general that is for us) and we also get to support the students.
There is a $10 lunch deal of buy a sandwich or salad and get the coffee with it. There were heaps of sandwiches and salads ($8) on offer, but was still full from breakfast. There were also yummy muffins and other treats on display.
I bought a take away hot chocolate ($4). The chocolate there was really nice and was freshly made. I loved all the foam on top. The hot chocolate was not too watered down and was perfect for a cold day. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of this.
I would definately come back here with friends.


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