Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lunch and crepes on and near hardware lane

I finally bought a new ENTERTAINMENT BOOK!!!! Yay! So at least I can have one year's worth of discount offers. This time the book is much better; it has more solo dining offers. It also has offers on McDonalds, McCafe, Mrs Fields, Pie face ( I can't wait to try the Lt Collins st store), Chillipadi (and Chilli India), Campari house and some other places. I can also use my membership to purchase tickets, magazines and other stuff online.
 I felt like sushi for lunch. So I consulted my list or places and Urbanspoon. I decided that I wanted to go close by and that I wanted to explore Hardware lane. I have read many good things about this lane.
1) Sushi deli
This place mainly does sushi, but by 1:30pm most of the sushi was all gone. However I did get to try the egg sushi ( about $2 perhaps)and the unagi don ($10.80).
Sushi Deli on Urbanspoon

My unfinished rice suggests that this is pretty bad.

The place is small and dingy and the posters looked a bit worn. Also most of the furnishings looked really old.
This place is run by Chinese, which warning bells sounded in my head, but it was too late... I already have ordered. I could see them microwave my meal.... which is also another bad sign. I dislike food that is microwaved as it does not taste fresh.
The sushi was not too bad, but it did almost fall apart towards the end
The Unagi don was worse. I forced myself to eat the fish and vegetables which were not fresh and the rice was microwaved and done really badly. Most Chinese restaurants use the cheap imported rice. I can think of much better places than this. The dish had too much msg.
Lets just say that they are only really good at making sushi. Avoid this place at all costs.

2) Creperie Le Triskel
After a rather disappointing lunch, I went exploring on Hardware lane and found Creperie Le triskel. Creperie Le Triskel is known to be a really great French creperie place. By then it was raining.

Creperie le Triskel on Urbanspoon
The place was very warm and friendly, unlike the other place. In here you can study with the French music playing in the background. I also liked the books as it suggests a quiet study place.
The waiter was rather friendly and unlike the other place he was really French.
I ordered a strawberry pancake with ice cream ($7.50 + $0.35 in tips). The pancake was really yummy and authentic. It was very filling.
The strawberries were fresh and sweet.
The crepe was freshly done. You can see them doing your crepe as you sit and wait for it.
Next time when I come I should try the savoury and sweet crepes. Also they are encouraged have an offer in the Entertainment book as it will be well recceived.


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