Thursday, July 20, 2017


Cookie is on every foodie in Melbourne's list and I wonder why. I hadn't got around to visiting it until now as I'm always busy or its just too expensive.

Since July is normally food and restaurant month, we figured to visit Cookie. Cookie is a great bar which features a huge cocktail and wine list.

Cookie is just on level one of Curtin house and the Toff is just a floor above it.

I loved sitting near the bar and watching the staff make the drinks for their customers. The staff loved talking to their customers and its not something you see every single day.

The bathrooms are out the back and behind a bookcase. They are clean and luxurious.

The staff were friendly and attentive. You can order at the bar or you can order at your table. This place has a lot of food on their list and like Chalawan their Pad Thai is $19.50. But this one is much better in terms of flavour than Chalawan's. The flavours here seem to pop right out of your month. And the noodles were al dente. They also had beansprouts with it and Chalawan did not. I loved the hard boiled egg on the side. It had a nice touch to the dish.

There was a huge chilli kick to this dish which I liked. Normally if I was to order it with chicken or prawns it would have been a tad more expensive.

Also I loved my roti- it was light and fluffy. If only Chalawan offered this it would be great.

Rating: 15/20- do come by for the drinks and the food. Oh and the other table's dumplings looked great but I didn't see them on the menu. If I did I must have skipped at option.
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