Saturday, July 29, 2017

American Honey at Campari House in short

Campari house have released some new cocktails and not that many new eats. This week's theme is American honey. This honey is quite sweet and the gin is quite sweet and smokey. It is also a little bit spicey adding in that kick.

It was in their lounge that they had this event and many people turned up and got their free snack and drink. Pity that there were not any ribs as promised on their Facebook page.

But people were able to purchase drinks and food at the bar. Most of them were relatively expensive. 

Campari house is featured in the Entertainment book which you can buy off Healthy International students site and help them to support the homeless. The Salvation Army is a charity that supports the homeless and 20% off the sale of the book goes towards helping them.

Campari house has a discount of 25% off the total bill.

The popcorn on offer worked well with the gin. It was smokey in some areas and sweet in others.

Do come by Campari house for a drink and a pizza or two.


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