Thursday, October 8, 2015


Tiamo is a fine Italian institution where it is said that they serve the best coffee and pizza. Well is it true? We shall see.
The outside

 About 20 other bloggers wrote about how good or bad the place is. Meld Magazine loved it where as Wince from the Hungry Excavator didn't like it so much and same as Gastrology. It is run by real Italians and it has been open for many years. There are lots of photos on the wall about the restaurant's good times. It is owned by an Italian couple.

It was busy on a Wednesday morning at 11am with the phone ringing off the hook with bookings for lunch and dinner.

Here I had the Italian espresso for $2.70 and it was just perfect. I also tried their nutella pizza for $13. What a bargain. Normally at Max Brenner's it is about $17-$18 and it has the same amount of toppings as Tiamo. Here Tiamo's has a much chewier base than Max Brenner's. The ones at Max's tend to be dry or burnt. The base of the nutella pizza is thin and I was able to easily cut through it with the sharp knife.

The chocolate was heavenly and the strawberries were fresh.

The coffee smelt nutty and tasted nutty.

Now if there was a Zomato invite I would be always happy to come and try the other pizzas and breakfast items as the boss's breakfast of baked eggs and antipasto looked really good.
Tiamo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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