Monday, September 16, 2013

Bowery to Williamsburg

As part of our At home and Abroad series

Bowery to Williamsburg is an American inspired cafe in a hidden laneway in Melbourne. In fact American food is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne.

They just opened two months ago and already they are very popular with students and workers alike. It took me a while to find the place.

The place is good for study groups as they have a communal table as well as some smaller tables outside. This is a dog friendly place.

Because this place is so small they don't have a bathroom. Instead you could go across the road to ACMI if need be.

The place is well serviced by trams and trains (it is a short walk to Flinders st station)

Here they only have a limited lunch menu but they mainly specialize in sandwiches and bagels as well as their Mac.

I got their "Lox" bagel with a side of mac, pickle and pretzels for $16.50. You can get the bagel by itself for $12.50, but there is more value if you buy the side as well.

Lunch wasn't ready until 11.30am, but that's OK. I waited with a short black and a complimentary chocolate.

The bagel was freshly made and it was homemade. This is as good as it gets.

I really loved the mac. The mac is great for a cold day like today. It is really cheesy and its nothing like the Easy Mac you buy at the supermarket. In fact this is better.

The "Lox" bagel is Jewish. It has salmon, dill, onion and horseradish.

I also had a short black ($3.80) which tasted like medicine. It was well made. The beans are from PADRE.

Students, whilst you are studying in Melbourne it is recommended that you visit here to get your American fix. You can easily study in here as they have WI-FI. It is recommended you come before 12pm as they will get busy afterwards.

A crowd pleaser I say. I will be back at some stage for my bagel fix.
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