Friday, November 21, 2014

Baget in Elizaabeth st

There is a new Baget in town and I went on both the opening day and a normal day

At 10am on Opening day it was really quiet and the line moved fast.

I had the tofu one and it was just as good as the original one in 132 Russell st.

Its great that they opened one near RMIT but they might just be competing with Roll'd.

Some time later I went to a masterclass in Baget which was run by Duy and featured loads of drinks and things in the making such as pickles. I really enjoyed this class and kneading out the bread really hard with my hand.

The class was $35 but Study Melbourne covered it for me. It was great that we had the restaurant all to ourselves and there a lot of mingling in there. In fact I met an older woman who was keen to assist me in the chopping part.
Cocktails with chilli in it.

My mocktail was equally just as good and minty and others got more alcoholic drinks. Also we had starters which were tofu skewers and bread for the vegetarians and meat skewers and spring rolls for the carnivores. The tofu skewers were just divine and the bread was just equally as good as it had been just fresh out of the oven.
Tofu skewers

The meat banh mi

We all got taught how to make banh mi fillings and chop the onions.
I also enjoyed the chopping aspect of this and we all took home a goody bag featuring bread and discounts for the store.
The dough rolled into shape. The staff at Ba'get make the rolls fresh every morning

Kneading the dough was so much fun

The raddish cut into strips

The meat marinade (bottom) and pickles (top)

Cutting the meat

The bread before it went into the oven

The finished product

Was it worth the $35 for Good Food Month? Yes. Would I be back again? Yes
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