Friday, August 15, 2014

David and Camy's dumpling house

David and Camy's Dumpling house is in Box Hill and its like its city store but except cleaner.

I came at 11:30am and was hungry for an early lunch. Everything here is so cheap. The spring onion pancake was big and it was $3.

The specials change daily and are written on paper which is posted to wall where you sit.

The service there wasn't too bad and it was fast. I didn't have to wait long. At 11:30am there wasn't many people there but at 12pm all the hungry students from Box Hill TAFE came

There is free hot water for all customers to enjoy and it is in a cute little silver jar

I enjoyed the vegetarian dumplings ($9 for 15 pieces but they needed sauce). FReshly made these were good. They also sell take home frozen dumplings for their customers.

The nai wong bao ($4 for 4 ) was just great. I would have loved more custard, but can't complain.

They are cash only and they are the better Camy's than the one in the city. For all you wine and dumpling lovers I'm not too sure if they have BYO wine or sell wine here but I wish there were more drinks other than the ones in the cabinet.
Sauces on thetable

Drinks bar

Oh and I wish there was signage for the sauces at the self serve station. I didn't know which plates were clean and which were dirty. And which sauces were for take away customers.

But still great dumplings.
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