Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kobe Jones

Kobe Jones is a part Japanese, part Western place in South Wharf near Crown Casino. It is about a five minute walk from Southern Cross.

I went to Kobe Jones for their lunch specials and just to try it out seeing as I was in that area. I was shopping at DFO that day and came for lunch. The idea of a teppanyaki appealed to me.

Teppanyaki is quite common in Japan where the chef cooks rights in front of your eyes. If done correctly it can be a lot of fun. You can watch the chef cook your meal as well as someone else's if you have difficulty in deciding on a meal.

The staff was accommodating and didn't mind that I changed my mind. The waiter asked how I was going which is a good sign.

They share bathrooms with the Wharf Hotel. The bathrooms are at the Wharf Hotel.

Here I had their $25 lunch special which included garlic rice, your choice of fish of the day, tofu with veg or beef, miso soup and salad.

On the side I had the unagi sushi and scallop sushi for $4.50 each. The unagi sushi was quite sweet, the scallop was just ok.

I had the fish of the day with three different types of dipping sauces: ponzu, sweet miso and some sort of sweet soy sauce.

The fish was tough and dry and it was overcooked. The fish of course was fresh. I saw other people had the burgers and it was interesting how they cooked the burgers on teppan grill.

The salad was fresh but I think it was a little too overdressed. The dressing had that nice tang to it.

The garlic rice was great; it didn't have too much garlic in there. This was great for us city workers.

The miso soup was quite a nice way to finish the meal.

Verdict: A bit pricey for the everyday student. But it is great for a special lunch or dinner. I wouldn't go there everyday, but maybe on the odd occasions though. Its great to see that they do many Groupon deals for their teppanyaki meals.

Note (updated on 15/4/2014): Kobe Jones has an Entertainment book offer of 25% off. You can buy the membership from us here.
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