Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flipboard Cafe by Katherine

Flipboard cafe is a new place and I was invited by Martin the architect to come and try the place.

Martin works alongside Lincoln and Joshua who are the management. They were keen to have quite a few bloggers to come and try their coffee blend. The blend was made by Lincoln and Joshua.  It is nutty with that hint of chocolate.

The place is just a stones throw away from RMIT and it is in the same building as the Bennett Lane Jazz club. Martin who invited me also works for the Jazz club and has one very cute little boy.

Like the Basement they are only just a tiny cafe because they share with the Jazz club.

The focus is obviously coffee. Hence there is a limited menu.

They have lovely decor and I was sitting on a stool made out of old books. They are trying to be sustainable.

The orange juice ($5.50 for a big glass) is freshly made and is not as sweet as some of the bottled juices. In fact they make this freshly.

The baguette ($8) is very filling and they change daily. I had the vegetarian one of pear, brie and rocket. The brie was lovely and creamy and I'm glad that there isn't too much dressing in this.

I got some samples of freshly baked brownie ($4.5 and it is wrapped in paper). Yummy. I loved the raw chocolate in this. It was crumbly.

I had the pear muffin ($4) and it was moist but crumbly. I had a hard time eating this without making a mess. I loved the pear bits in there.

I had a long black which is $3.50. Here they used their signature blend which is nutty but at the same time chocolatey.

I'd want to come back with Sally and I hope they are a part of next years Good Food month as they seriously had some stellar food.
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