Sunday, October 13, 2013

CJ Lunch bar

A cheap eat by Katherine

CJ Lunch Bar has been opened for a while now but I have never had a chance to blog about it.  I have walked by it many times but haven't found the time.

Here I went when it was busy.

Located on Hardware lane this place is small. Hence I had to share with a random. Also the bathrooms were located outside in between Silo and CJ's. The place has been opened for about a year.

This place is great for students and Koreans alike. Here a lot of uni students come for their lunch. They are also opened for dinner.

Here everything is $10 and under. Hence it is a cheap eat. Most of their meals are huge. I could not finish my Japchae and rice. Japchae is the Korean potato noodles.

I got this for $7 as well as some banachan for $2. $2! Most restaurants give it for free. For $7 it was a massive serve and I could not finish the rice. The rice was in fact dry and unappetizing. But the Japchae made up for it.

I saw some of the other tables have their famous chicken, but since I'm mainly vegetarian then I could not eat this. In fact when they first brought out my Japchae it had beef in there and I had to send it back. I did ask for no meat. But the second time around it was better as they had plenty of vegetables which was just right. And there is no msg which is good.

I'm not sure that I'd go back in a jiffy. The service did seem a little bit lacklustre and it took me a few tries to get their attention. You had to get your own fork, spoons, water and napkins. You had to pay and order at the front. The waitress didn't understand English. But if you don't mind the service and want some cheap comfort food than this is the place for you. Oh and they don't have hot tea.
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