Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Meat and Wine and Co in Southbank by Katherine

 This place has been around for years, but as a student I could not afford it. But now that I will be earning some money I decided to visit the place. The place opened in 2009 and still is going strong.

The place wasn't busy by the time I got there which was 12pm.  But by 12:30pm it was full of corporates all wanting the $25 deal which gets you a meal and a drink. Most people had soft drink and some had beer and wine. TGI Fridays next door had just opened and they were packed.

Someone told me that they are Halal. Last week I had an International student ask me about where to find the best halal food. This was one place that I have found so far. But they are not cheap.

They don't do EFTPOS but they do credit. And they are smart casual

But in here it was quieter and more intimate. And the wait staff seemed very friendly.

I got the fish and chips which was small but filling. And the fish was very fresh.  I loved the board that it came on and the cute newspaper. When I saw onion rings on the menu, I thought I must get them. But when my $6 bowl of onion rings came, they were tiny. In fact too tiny. I like big fat onion rings, not tiny hard to eat miniscule rings.

And they also gave me a steak knife.

They sell big steak knives.

It was a while before the food came. My drink came quickly, but the food took ages. In fact they seemed more content with talking.

But one of the waiters was very attentive. He removed my bread and butter plate and popped the serviette on my lap, like in a fine dining setting.

It is mainly a special occasion place such as for graduation. I'm hoping that this place gets a lot more people than TGI Fridays. I would love to try the skewers- they seemed very interesting.
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