Sunday, September 15, 2013

PappaRich @ Chadstone

There is another PappaRich and that is at Chadstone.

The Chadstone store is a lot bigger than the CBD store. This store is a lot cleaner despite what people think. The service is also more attentitive.

But there was a bit of a long wait. Got there at 1pm but didn't get a table until 20 minutes later.

There is a minimum of $25 for EFTPOS, so make sure you have enough cash with you

Although you write your order on the pad, there is some service.

I ordered some roti on the side as this is what they specialise in.

The food wasn't too bad except for the plain roti which was a little bit dry. I had a vegetarian noodles with sambal ($11.90). Sambal is a sweet chilli sauce which is very popular in Malaysia. With the vegetarian noodles I chose to have it without egg. I loved it, except it was very oniony. But luckily I didn't mind. It was very spicy though and some customers may not like the spiciness of the sambal. They should put this on the side so that customers can dip and choose the spiciness level.

The roti was sweet and doughy on the inside.

I also had the iced lemon tea ($3.90) which really wasn't icy cold at all. Rather it was warm and it tasted more like cordial.

If I had to choose between this one and the city one, I prefer this one. Why? The service is much better and the place is a lot cleaner.
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