Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lindt cafe in Chadstone by Katherine

As part of our "At Home and Abroad" series
Partially sponsored by Lindt cafe
I got invited by email to try their coffees for free.

So I did.
 I went to the one in Chadstone because it looked really nice. I loved the intimate cozy booths.

You may remember the other stores that I went to such as the city and Southbank one. Well this is very similiar to that.
The place is on the lower level at the shopping centre. There are many coffee shops at Chadstone, but this one seems to be the busiest.

Unlike the Collins st store, this store was a little bit smaller, but they do have some outside seating. Their tables are a like a cozy booth with their sofas and reading lights.

This month they are showcasing a few new products. One of them being a chocolate brownie in black packaging which is cool.  The other is their brand new range of handmade chocolates.

Also they have just started selling Rocky road for $7-$10 per piece.

You can buy many of their products to take home.

The guys that work there are very friendly and efficient and they didn't mind waiting for me to decide on my balls.

There are always new chocolate and delice (macarons) in store. I tried the new caramel ball (so overpowering with caramel) and Giandua French Chocolate ball which is creamy and not too sweet. The caramel and Giandua ball go well.

I had the pistachio delice ($3). For that price it was really expensive for such a small one. Unlike most macarons, this was dense. In fact too dense. But the flavour was just right.

All up it was $5.60.

I was offered their latte to try for free. Normally it is $4.50 and it comes with a ball of chocolate. This ball was rather cute and I loved the flowers on the outside. I can taste the hints of passionfruit in there.

I think I'd only be back for their chocolates. But their cakes do sure look good though. I hope more people can venture out to Chadstone and explore it.

Many thanks to Lindt for inviting me to sample their coffees!
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