Saturday, August 24, 2013

Footscray Market

As a part of our "At Home and Abroad series"

This morning the team went to Footscray market. Here we got there by train and by tram. We entered in by Leeds st. You can also park at the market for $6 a day.

What met our eyes when we arrived was the cheap kitchen utensils and the slippers. The utensils were $2.50 per item. The slippers were $4.

More cheap things to be had. Like $0.60 c for a big bread roll which Katherine bought or 4 for $2 bread roll at the deli. Behind us there was an Asian DVD store and an underwear shop.

Next to the deli there are all the meats and seafood sections. Here they are all under $15 with most of them priced between $7 and $9 per kg.

We saw that the mud crabs are about $15. But they were very small. In fact too small.

Last but not least we went to the fruit stalls. There were only three of them. But one of them gave lots of samples of fruit and we sampled the green mango. It was really sour.

In the next section there was a food court selling Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese food. Here Katherine bought a lumpia ( A huge vegetarian spring roll, without vermicelli for $2).

On our way out we passed the Asian grocery shop. Here we could not believe how cheap soya sauce is. A big one was about $3-$4 a bottle.

On our way to the station we stopped outside Olympic doughnuts and we went silly over a couple of good but cheap doughnuts. They were $0.80 and they were of the same quality as the market. I prefer buy the ones in Footscray than the market anyday.

Olympic Doughnuts on Urbanspoon


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