Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tour De France at Depot de Pain

Tour De France started at the end of the last month. Tour De France is a bike ride around France and Australia is taking part.

A lot of French restaurants in Melbourne celebrate this by having specials. When MEL: HOT OR NOT introduced the $20 special at Depot De Pain I was really intrigued to try out the place. (note this will go for about another week and half.)

So here I was.

Depot De Pain is about a 5 minute tram ride away from Melbourne Uni, heading north. Only number 1 and 8 trams goes past the corner of Newry and Lygon st. From there it is a very short walk to Rathdowne st. Or you can ride your bike.

They have outdoor and indoor seating.

Here I was served a lovely French lady. She smiled a lot.

The $20 special is in four stages: Coffee or tea, orange juice or Evian water, croissant or toast with jam and butter and your choice of one out of five dishes crepes with apple, caramel and Chantilly cream (normally $13), Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame, a herb omelet, or French toast with maple syrup.

I had a short black and got to try out the French chocolates ($1 extra, but with a short black it came as part of the meal). I loved the French chocolates.

I also loved the croissant and the homemade jam. Very nice.

I also loved the french crepes. It was really nice with the Chantilly cream. Although I would have liked a little less caramel.

Like Mel: Hot or not I loved my juice. It was freshly made which was nice.

It was a saving of about $10. Normally all up this would have cost me $30. The place reminds me of France and is great for all the students and locals alike. They even do have groceries for you to take home. I would love to come back before the deal ends with Nic from Sharking for fish and chips as he loves this sort of thing. This sort of special would be good for Meld to try as the stop to get there is outside their office and $20 for four things is quite cheap.
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