Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shandong mama

Shandong Mama is a relatively newish dumpling place in the city. It is located in the Mid city arcade where the Gold Star noodle house used to be.

Like 19 other bloggers have said the place is homely. I went in at around 11.30amish and there was hardly anyone there. 12pmish and then it was nearly full.

Like other Chinese places there is always free tea. Like most Chinese places it is cash only.

The Aussie guy who served me was lovely and reminded me of my friend. He was also very helpful.
I ordered my favourites the vegan dumplings ($10.80) and the spring onion pancake ($6.80). They are big sizes so don't order too much. The waiter said that many customers simply order too much. I just ordered the right size for my appetite.

I loved the vegan dumplings. They were simply homemade and to die for! Here they were tasty. Delish!

The spring onion pancake tasted a little bit weird and not like a pancake with the chives and the egg in there. I loved the texture of the pastry though.

Overall I'd love to try out their noodle dishes- they looked amazing on the other tables.

The dumplings were really well worth the wait. And whilst I was waiting I perused the book section and loved reading about China.

I'd come back with Katherine any day.

If only they had EFTPOS.
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