Saturday, July 13, 2013

Donburi and Korean BBQ

Donburi and Korean BBQ is a new place in the food court.

I bought another Groupon deal yet again... this time for this place. It was $8 bento (but I added a dumpling for $1). I was intrigued by the dumplings in the bain marie.

You go up and order and pay and then they give you a buzzer. Just like Snag stand really.

The lady there was really friendly. I tried to use it a couple of days ago but couldn't as the deal had not started.

Today I went up with two other Groupies who ordered the chicken bento. It was supposed to come with egg, but no such luck. Instead it came with pickled ginger and a heap of onions. I had to go back to work. Next time order it without onions.

The two other groupies loved their Chicken bento. I also liked my vegetarian bento, except I didn't like all the onions and the prawns. Luckily I can eat seafood.  But one of them couldn't eat the prawns as she was allergic. :(.

I didn't like the spring roll. It was cold and was of the frozen sort.

The rice was a tad bit dry and was lukewarm.

I found that there was too much ginger in this and with bento there isn't ginger except for the sushi and sashimi ones.

Oh and its meant to come with miso soup but it didn't :(

The salad was ok, but just a tad bit overdressed for my liking. I would have preferred less dressing or dressing on the side.
Next time I'd probably just stick to the rice dishes on offer and not order a bento.
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