Monday, July 22, 2013

Pacos Tacos Visits 1 and 2

Paco's tacos is a place in the city that does cheap Mexican fare.

It is a little outdoor bar that gets really busy. It is up one flight of stairs and next to Movida. Already people are talking about the place as such.

I figured it could do with two visits (one at 6pm and one late afternoon)
1st visit
I had tacos- I had the fish one and the vegetarian one. Both of them are $6 each. There was too much cream in the vegetarian one and the fish one was just a little bit bland.

When they appeared at the table they were big.

I didn't have any drinks during this visit as I was not thirsty. But I thought there might be a very long wait for my train (it was a very hot day when I visited and when I checked the Metro site it said that services were delayed).

2nd visit which was a few months down the track and on a rare night that I was free, I visited again. This time for their corn and their special fish taco. Each was $6.  I came at 6pm when it was quieter.

I really liked the taco and the corn this time. The corn was so cheesy. And it was a big serving too for $6.

The taco was freshly made and the fish was very fresh. The Jalapenos gave it that extra bite.

Moreover I eyed the pork crackling ($10) on the next table and that looked like fun. I really wanted to order it but I had other dinner plans and I don't eat a lot of meat.

The sangaria is $35 per jug or $8 per cup. I didn't have any drinks this time around.

Students when you are in Melbourne do come and visit this place as it is worth a visit. This is really good fun on a student budget.
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