Monday, July 22, 2013

Cafe Scaletti

I have wanted to try this cafe for ages. Have walked by but never went in as it always looked so dingy.

But when I heard that they have cheap and good meals from a friend I thought that I'd try it seeing as I was going to a seminar close to that area.

Cafe Scaletti is near the Vic Markets so there are many trams that service the area. Or alternatively you can walk there from RMIT as it is just five minutes.

You need a huge appetite as their meals are huge.

They cater for students and they have a $10 Stoffers offer (note you need to download the app). The service seemed a little disorganized but friendly.

I had the vegetarian breakfast ($13 for one massive plate) and a mocha ($3.20 for one huge cup). The mugs are $4 each and they are super huge. Here the mocha was really bitter so I added the complimentary sugar. I have a sweet tooth you see.

Except for the baked beans the vegetarian breakfast was well received. I thought that the baked beans were canned (I hate canned baked beans). I loved the mushrooms and the spinach and the eggs. You can choose to have them scrambled poached or fried. I chose scrambled because I loved scrambled eggs. I love them better with herbs in them. I added a little bit of Tabasco sauce in there (see the cultural note below) and loved it even better.

Can't complain too much on the bread. But one note about the salt- you certainly don't need it as the meal has loads of salt in there.

Overall I can happily recommend that place for their meals. Not too sure on the coffee though. I have no idea to why many bloggers have not check out this place even though it has been opened for about 20 years now. I hope more people do come and check the place out for their big meals at cheap prices.

Cultural note: Tabasco sauce is the American chilli sauce. Like Siricha this is really hot and spicy.
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