Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Mussel Pot at Prahran Market and Claringbolds

I have not been to Prahran Market in about six months and there have been a few changes at the Market. One of them was the addition of the Mussel Pot. I have tried the Mussel Pot at the big Market day last year and when I saw that they had been added to Urbanspoon, I just knew that I wanted to buy some. They were just that good. I also wanted to revisit a favourite sushi place of mine that is also a fish shop. Sadly we don't have anything like it in the city. Here's what I thought of each.

1) The Mussel Pot
This opened in June last year and have been going strong. Here you can buy a lovely big bowl of fresh mussels for $10. It comes with bread and there are a few lovely sauces to choose from. The mussels come from a mussel farm in Portdarlington ( just a few hours west of the city). There are also baguettes to choose from as well as the $10 mussel specials.

The lady there was lovely and the mussels were really filling. It was a great bargain for $10.
They also come to Vic Market on Sundays

2) Claringbolds
Claringbolds is a seafood shop but they also sell sushi at affordable prices. Here I love their flavoured inari for $1. On top of that I purchased two hand rolls for $5. One of them was salmon and the other was vegetarian. Oh I wished that they had tamago.

Some other sights I saw at the market and tasted too:

Chocolate chip cookies- these were so divine!

Free cupcake samples at the Mr Nice Guy Shop

Noisette pastries

These tasted really good so I had a couple of pieces. Its Steak Diane.

 So do come by to Prahran Market whenever you can. On Saturdays there are heaps and heaps of free activities. And do come by to try the mussels and sushi!
Mussel Pot on Urbanspoon Claringbolds Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


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